Designed with your production in mind, our full-range of services allows you to deal with more important production concerns. Whether you need craft services, catering, talent baskets, private chef services, or all of the above, we've got you covered!

Craft Services

Our packages allow you to spend less time worrying about your craft services, more time to concentrate on your production. All packages can be enhanced with specialty items/special requests, or any variety of items noted in our “Specialty Offerings” section. We can also work with you to design a “custom” tailored package to fit your specific needs and budget. A minimum of one full-time professional service attendant will remain onsite to ensure your chosen items are kept fresh and replenished throughout the day. Additional service professionals may be required (subject to headcount.)

  • "Trailer" Keep your crew happy and energized with an assortment of bagels and cream cheese, donuts and pastries, whole fruit, granola breakfast bars, chips, pretzels, snack bars, cookies, candy, assorted nuts and dried fruits, chocolates, veggies and dips, and other delicious goodies. A daily kit rental fee applies.
  • "Short Film" - Your crew will delight in the additional cold options and personalized choices, which will keep em’ coming back for more. As an example, this package includes more homemade options, along with additional snacks, desserts, and various items such as small appetizers, and other personally selected items. A daily kit rental fee applies.
  • "Epic Feature" - Your crew will be ecstatic with the ultimate in hot and cold craft service options. With the addition of various platters (cheese, antipasto, gourmet sandwiches, etc.) items such as a nacho bar, dessert bar, specialty baked items, variety of dips/chips/veggies, meatballs, wraps, quesadillas, and more unique and one-of-a kind items and specialty drinks. Everyone will be talking about this one! A daily kit rental fee applies.
  • "Academy Award" - Want to go all out? Need to impress? This package offers the echelon of craft service options and premium gourmet items that will have your crew singing your praises. Gold standard presentation and artfully prepared melt-in-your-mouth hors d’oeuvres will impress even the toughest critic or diva. We will work closely with you on various options and seasonally available ingredients to craft the ultimate experience tailored to your every whim and worthy of the red carpet. Additional Full Service Attendant Professionals are required based on head count. A daily kit rental fee applies.

All of our packages include drink assortments, assorted regular and diet sodas, our very own signature brand of premium organic coffee, tea service with decaf options, a variety of healthier (organic and gluten free, and non-GMO options), and a mix of the usual (and unique!) craft service snack fare providing that much needed burst of energy. A first-aid kit, pain relievers, cough drops, antacids, immune system supporting vitamin-C drink powders, hand sanitizer, and wipes are also included with every kit rental. Since we all hate additional fees, we have included as many as possible in our per-person pricing model. Set up and breakdown, menu planning, shopping and food preparation fees are all included to keep things as simple and transparent as possible. However, each package is subject to standard additional charges as noted in the “Standard Charges/Deposits” section.


Our drop-off services are the perfect answer for smaller productions, convention center events, or more limited budgets. Let our professionals work with you to save precious time and money, and do all the tedious menu planning, shopping and preparation.

  • Gourmet Box Lunches - Are you and your crew stuck at the convention center? Short on time and money and desire more gourmet fare at a reasonable price? Let us design an all-inclusive gourmet lunch box, delivered directly to you. Our cold sandwich and salad options with all the fixings, delicious sides, chips, drink, fruit, and a gourmet dessert, come neatly and individually packaged with everything you need to remain on the go.
  • “DIY” - This option provides your PA with everything they need to set up, supply, replenish and maintain your craft service table throughout the day. We will drop-off already prepared, packaged and pre-displayed items that only require minimal setup and replenishing. Delivery will occur one hour to 30 minutes prior to your desired call time, and we will return to break-down and pick up our service items after the agreed upon duration. A daily service delivery, kit rental and break-down fee applies
  • Drop-off/Replenish – This is similar to the “DIY” option with the exception of our staff of professionals will set up the table and have a pre-determined schedule to help replenish/refresh items a few times throughout the day, and return to break-down and pick up our service items at the close of the day. A daily service delivery, kit rental, replenish/refresh, and break-down fee applies.

Each drop-off service option (excluding box lunches) requires a one-time refundable deposit that all equipment is returned in the condition it was rented. In the event of any missing or damaged equipment, the deposit will be applied towards the replacement cost and remaining amount either refunded or additional amount applied to the final invoice. We also offer a fully disposable container option which eliminates the refundable deposit and break - down requirements (you supply the tables) if you prefer.

Specialty Offerings

All packages can be enhanced and specialized based on any dietary restrictions, specific food allergies, gluten free options, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, organic and non-GMO desires, or just basic desires of any personal favorites.

Multiple packages may also be selected and split up via your head count. If you have 100 total staff and crew, 20 could be made up of executives, VIP’s and talent that require a little more indulging or pampering. You can select one package for 80 head count, and another specialty package for the 20 head count of talent and executives.

We can also provide you with specialty items such as:

  • Special request items – specific requests for crew, executives or individual talent
  • Special items available on higher-end packages only can be added on to other packages
  • Private chef service (special request meals to order)
  • Gourmet Box Lunches – delivered to you to save time and money
  • Personalized gourmet gift baskets
  • Individual trailer or talent baskets
  • After-hour service

We will work with you to enhance any package and tailor it to fit your specific needs. Some substitutions can be made within each package, other options will require an additional charge based on your selections, headcount and specific requirements.